Baby Sign Language

SignShine Baby Sign Language for Effective Communication

Etel Leit founded the SignShine Studio in 2005 in Los Angeles designed for promoting family communication.

SignShine baby sign language is aimed at individuals, families, couples and even organizations to assist them in expressing their desires and needs via meaningful method of communication.

Its energetic and dynamic approach brings you lasting and immediate results, which can improve your quality of life. How can it do that?

First and foremost, SignShine baby sign language is ideal for getting preverbal babies to communicate with their parents. Babies and toddlers are unable to speak and this makes it difficult for parents to understand what they want to say. With SignShine baby sign language babies will be able to tell their parents what they need and this leads to less crying and tantrums. Babies will have more fun and you will also get a smarter baby because learning sign language has developmental benefits for kids.

Similarly, children with special needs are known to have difficulty in communicating and SignShine can also be helpful for them in the long run. They are able to use the American Sign Language for expressing themselves and it can also be used for teaching them a lot of things. Moreover, adults can also use SignShine for overcoming their fears and anxiety in an effective way. They are able to communicate in a better and seamless way, which can empower them to have better relationships and a successful career. Hence, SignShine baby sign language is an excellent way of learning a powerful method of communication.